You have to hear the whispers.

A recent gathering at my home included an exchange between two of my friends – a corporate vice president and a massage therapist. Friend #1 shared how he was unable to shake a seriously nasty cold. He went on to say how busy he’d been at work and how much business travel he had coming in the next couple of weeks. Friend #2 looked at him in a very compassionate massage therapist kind of way and asked if he’d been giving himself time to rest. He sheepishly said, “No. Things are really busy…” To which she responded:

“You have to hear the whispers.” She went on to say that our bodies are amazing things whose only job is to serve us. And they do that extremely well — when we let them. They speak to us in gentle whispers that grow louder and louder until pay attention and we finally stop. Which makes sense, right? Be honest. How many times have you started with a sniffle, kept pushing and ended up with a head full of nasty?

I do believe our bodies speak to us all day every day. I’m not just talking about avoiding the cold and flu. This is bigger than that. When we hear the whispers, we are better able to listen to our intuition and the wisdom that lives within each of us. It’s there, just waiting for us to call on it. Our challenge is how to cultivate enough quiet in our surroundings and in our minds to let the whispers become audible.

For me, finding quiet and stillness happens most easily on my Mat. When it’s time to move on to other things, I roll up my Mat and walk away feeling all yoga glow-ey. And then something happens and my head gets all noisy again. Sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes, I swear, it happens before I’ve even zipped up my yoga bag. And so, my practice continues to grow as I work to keep the quiet within me on and off the Mat. As I work to cultivate my breath. As I open up to hear the whispers.

Today’s intention: Breathe. Listen. Breathe again. Listen again. As often as possible.

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