Yoga Therapy

Pain is sneaky.

It reduces physical function and quality of life and it increases frustration and feelings of hopelessness. Overtime, it can even change how we feel about ourselves so that we forget that we are so much more than the pain. It holds us back.

Pain isn’t age specific, either. I’ve worked with clients from 15 to 86 years old. My area of practice, SomaYoga, meets you where you are to bring more function to your body and create a better quality of life. It can redefine your relationship with pain, feel more control over it and teach your body how to heal itself.

In SomaYoga, you’re more than your physical body. You’re a Soma (Greek for “living body”) which means all of you. As a Soma, you are your body, your mind, your spirit. You are self-guiding and self-directing. You’ll learn how to sense and feel internal cues that help you find, and treat, areas causing you stress and pain.

Many clients leave the first session with a new sense of hope. As we continue working together, they report improvements in posture, physical function, flexibility, and levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

What exactly is yoga therapy?

Yoga Therapists (like me) are experienced yoga teachers with extensive additional training in yoga therapy so that we can serve our clients in ways specific to their needs.

When you come to one of my yoga classes, you’ll experience a common theme and movement variations within that theme.

As a yoga therapy client, your session will start with you and I having a conversation so I can understand your needs and introduce the most appropriate therapeutic practices. The practices will include things like breathing techniques, gentle movement, mindfulness exercises. I work within a model called “panca maya” which considers humans as multi dimensional beings. Health or sickness of any dimension affects the other dimensions to a greater or lesser extent. Our work together will take your whole self into account. Because you are so much more than what you see in the mirror. You are complex and wonderful and, with the tools you’ll learn in your yoga therapy sessions, you are capable of healing yourself.

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What’s it cost?

Single session: $85
Four pack: $320
Eight pack:  $600

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