Yoga Classes

“Practicing yoga under Elen’s guidance is an empowering and encouraging experience.  She is attentive and kind, and I’m so glad to have found such an inspiring yogi and friend.”

For many of us, stepping onto a yoga mat is an act of courage. I hear “I’m not flexible enough,” “I don’t know the poses,” “I’m too old/fat/thin.” My response is always the same – “Come as you are. We’ll do this together.” I work with yogis of all shapes, sizes, physical abilities and life experiences. We’re perfectly imperfect together.

There’s a true strength that comes from practicing within a community. I serve yogis at Bliss Yoga Studio in St. Paul and in your location by request. This beautiful Bliss studio is located in St. Paul’s Como neighborhood. It’s a top studio in the Twin Cities for restorative yoga and I’m honored to bring Strength, Balance & Flexibility, Yoga For Larger Bodies and therapeutic (SomaYoga) classes and private sessions to the loving Bliss community.

Individual practice is also powerful and can be an important way explore and get to know our deepest, strongest selves. Read more about individual sessions for beginners, practicing yogis who want to deepen their practice, or yogis who want to gain better movement in their bodies including those living with chronic pain.