My Now Body

Learn how to live more peacefully in your body.

For years, I compared myself to others and, in doing so, felt broken and inadequate. Everywhere I looked, pictures and messages told me that if I were thinner and more “fit”, I would be happy. Then yoga found its way to me. With it, I’ve learned to live in greater harmony with my body just the way it is today. In this workshop, I share what I’ve learned so you too can live in greater peace.

Join me for this powerful workshop experience. From yoga philosophy to journaling to breath work to movement, you’ll learn valuable tools to help you find a sense of self-acceptance and joy:

  • Breathing exercises to calm our bodies and minds
  • Yoga philosophy study to explore our belief systems
  • Gentle yoga poses for increased strength and empowerment
  • Journaling to help process our experiences
  • Quiet time for contemplation and meditation

No prior yoga experience is needed. Just bring your glorious, beautiful self.

We’d love to come to a studio near you. Contact us for details and available dates.