Personal training for more than your physical body.

During my personal training certification, I was surprised at the cookie cutter approach I was being taught for building physical strength. My training philosophy doesn’t stop with your skeleton and what holds it together. True strength isn’t measured in muscle mass or the circumference of your waist. True strength lives on the inside and has a different meaning for each of us.

You are a wonderful compilation of life experiences, likes, dislikes, abilities and interests. Every part of you needs to be considered in building strength.

When we work together, you’ll tell me what your version of strength looks like. We’ll set goals that fit into your life. We’ll create a plan that suits your lifestyle and honors the entire you. We’ll adjust the plan over time to stay current with where you are. We’ll create challenge, not pain. We can even have fun. Truly.  The one thing we won’t do is discuss your weight. I truly believe there can be incredible, strong, Health At Every Size®

Oh – and if you’re not a member of a gym and not interested in becoming one: No problem. We can work your plan around what you have at home. Seriously. Who needs hand weights when you have cans of soup in the cupboard?

If you’re looking for an athletic trainer to help you reach a fitness goal that includes some version of being buff, running a faster race, lifting more free weights, I can refer you to a super qualified professional. I’m just not that person.

What’s it cost?

Single session: $85
Four pack: $320
Eight pack:  $600

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