What To Expect

As you come to your group class or private session, we’ll check in with you to see if there’s anything you’d like to tell us about how you’re feeling that day. Then, we’ll help you set up. We’ll help you determine the most comfortable position for your body. We’ll have props available – chairs, mats, blankets, blocks, bolsters, straps – and will show you how to include them in your practice.

You can expect that, early in the practice, we’ll guide you through what we call a “Soma Scan,” which is a way for you to start tapping into the inner wisdom that will guide your practice. Your “Soma” is the innermost part of you – the part you can feel but we can’t see. It’s the part we’ll help you learn to connect with so you can make your practice uniquely yours.

We’ll teach you new ways to breath to help you find a place of ease in your mind and your body. Then we’ll guide you through slow, gentle movements to help your brain relearn how to move muscles that have been tight/contracted and need encouragement to release.

A SomaYoga session is a partnership. The combination of what you feel on the inside and what we see on the outside creates a rich, meaningful experience.

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