Health Coaching

What does a health coach do? Many focus on weight loss. Not me. I follow the Health At Every Size® philosophy, saying no to diet culture and the stigmas that come with it.

Health is so much more than what we weigh. My health coaching style is to listen to you to help figure out where you feel held back and how your life is affected. Together, we develop strategies for things like reduced stress, better sleep, or ways to lower the risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

We’ll work together to create positive, lasting change. And, we’ll get real about how difficult change can be and how sometimes we back slide. I’ll coach you through that, too, without judging you. For real.

My training includes physical movement, mindfulness, yoga, and pain management. I’m not a dietician or psychotherapist but, if it seems appropriate for you to work with those peeps, I’ll introduce you to dynamic women professionals who I trust.

About Health At Every Size®

Let’s face facts.

We’ve lost the war on obesity. Fighting fat hasn’t made the fat go away. And being thinner, even if we knew how to successfully accomplish it, will not necessarily make us healthier or happier. The war on obesity has taken its toll.

Extensive “collateral damage” has resulted: Food and body preoccupation, self-hatred, eating disorders, discrimination, poor health, etc. Few of us are at peace with our bodies, whether because we’re fat or because we fear becoming fat.

Health at Every Size is the new peace movement.

It supports people of all sizes in addressing health directly by adopting healthy behaviors. It is an inclusive movement, recognizing that our social characteristics, such as our size, race, national origin, sexuality, gender, disability status, and other attributes, are assets, and acknowledges and challenges the structural and systemic forces that impinge on living well.

*An edited excerpt from Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight by Linda Bacon, PhD.

Read the HAES® Manifesto

What’s it cost?

Single session: $85
Four pack: $320
Eight pack:  $600

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