Yoga Therapy Clients

“For years, I have struggled with significant stiffness and pain related to arthritis. My neck pulls to one side, I have trouble moving my shoulders and pain radiates all the way down to my knees and lower legs. Elen helped me identify how tightness in my shoulders and pelvis were contributing to my pain and loss of movement. Working with small movements, in SomaYoga, I’ve learned to move into the pain in small ways to begin to retrain my muscles and joints to respond differently. After six sessions, I have much more flexibility, and have significantly decreased my pain. I’ve been able to go back to activities I love like long walks with my dog and moving through my days with very little discomfort.”

Lumbar Discs
“I was injured and spent some time in recovery. When I first met Elen I had just emerged from the walker and was moving in a pretty tentative way. I have now been working with her for about a year and a half. We began with my participation in her SomaYoga class twice per week. After several months, we supplemented that with weekly personal sessions for about two months, then returned to twice weekly classes. In the last six months, I have walked more than 1,000 miles. I am averaging 45 miles per week. She has taught me about posture and strength and balance (well, physical balance; I still have trouble with the emotional kind). She is supportive, kind, directional and sensitive. SomaYoga in general and Elen in particular have been key to building the strength and agility that help me enjoy life.”

Neck & Shoulder Pain
“I have had neck and shoulder pain for many years, and have had migraines at increasing frequencies for the past two years or so. I have benefited in the past from other body work and therapies but still had pain. My work with Elen has helped me in several ways. My posture and alignment have improved a lot and my neck feels longer and straighter. I now have tools I can use that directly address whatever is bothering me, whether it is an approaching headache, a stiff neck, or shoulder stiffness. I am not pain free, but I can usually address headaches before they turn into migraines, and my posture, energy level, pain and mood have all improved as a result of practicing SomaYoga. I practice it every morning as well as continuing to take classes. Elen is a wonderful teacher, and I am grateful for the impact SomaYoga has had on my life.”

Neuropathy & Sciatica
“After many chronic pain maladies including foot numbness (inability to walk 1/4 mile) and sciatica, I had six sessions with an orthology clinic. I got some relief but still suffered with numbness and pain. I went to my physician who referred me to physical therapy. After treatment, the numbness and burning sensations in my toes, foot and legs continued, as did sciatica. I received an announcement of a yoga practice, SomaYoga, dealing with walking patterns, spinal and pelvic alignment. My teacher, Elen, was able to listen to how I described the pain and quickly discovered that the pains were interconnected. As I’ve become more aware of how to engage the tight muscles in specific areas of my body, it’s been incredible for my recovery. SomaYoga got me back on my feet within a month and I’m back to walking 4-5 miles a day.”

Stress & Anxiety
“I was skeptical but tried yoga therapy after living with stress and anxiety for years and feeling like I’d exhausted all other options. I rarely felt relaxed. I tried medication but still felt a dark cloud following me around. My body ached. Elen helped me learn to relax. She helped me find places in my body that have been holding tension, maybe even for my entire life (I’m 55!). When we could let the physical tension release, my stress and anxiety decreased. Elen taught me the connection between my physical body and my emotions and mental state. I still feel my stress and anxiety but to a much lesser degree. I’ve learned to better recognize how I’m feeling and I have tools to manage where I’m at. Overall, I’m more relaxed and I feel happier.”

Yoga Class Students

“Elen has a very caring, calm and honest way about her. I had never tried yoga before and she confidently created a trusting space where she let me know she had my back. I felt free to try and make mistakes and know it was all going to be okay.”

“Elen will listen to you and your needs each and every time. If a modification is needed she will gladly present a different option which works for your body. She has a vast amount of yoga knowledge and clearly has a passion for being a yoga teacher.“

“Practicing yoga under Elen’s guidance is an empowering and encouraging experience. I am a plus-sized woman, and I have experienced less-than-accepting yoga classes & teachers before. There has never been a moment where I have felt unwelcome or have been made to feel like a problem to be dealt with if I can’t do a certain movement and require accommodation.”

“Elen offers insightful, accessible, and responsive support and instruction to folks with ALL kinds of bodies and abilities. She is an absolute gem and blessing.”

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