I’m Elen Bahr.

I work as a yoga teacher, workshop facilitator and writer. More importantly, I’m a Brave Woman and I love my life. 

It hasn’t always been this way. I spent decades labeling myself and keeping myself in a very tight box. One day, it all changed. I felt grief and loss and devastation. I truly didn’t know what to do. I only knew myself as the labels. I hadn’t yet met the real me – the Brave Woman that lived deep inside.

Eventually, I found courage within myself to step slowly away from pain and sadness and into a new life. I didn’t know where I’d go or what I’d do, but I knew I didn’t want to stay where I was. Leaning on my community of friends and my yoga practice, I found my personal Brave Space and my life started to change. I felt stronger. More sure of myself. Happier than I’d ever been before.

It’s my deepest belief that if we move out of darkness into light it’s our obligation and privilege to help others do the same. That’s why I founded Brave Space Yoga & Wellness. This is a place for you to explore and find the Bravest and happiest version of you. Read more about our options for individual studygroup yoga classes, and women-only workshops.

Discover your inner Brave Woman. She is absolutely amazing. It will be my honor to help you find her.