When’s the last time you took a deep breath? Or looked in the mirror and thought something positive? Or didn’t hurt?

Has it been a while?

Girl. We need to talk.

I know so many women, myself included, who get stuck in patterns of putting ourselves last, doubting our abilities and accepting less than we deserve. We judge and criticize and nitpick ourselves in ways we’d never treat another person.

Why? Lots of reasons – things we learned growing up, the way our culture functions, and don’t even get me started on the media’s influence.

The good news is, we can choose a different way, no matter what stage of our life we’re in. We can learn to live a self-honoring life of joy and peace. We can write our next chapter and create the life we want.

I’ve done it. So can you.

Ready? Let’s do this thing.

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If you’re feeling stuck, my new e-book just might be your way out. Follow a simple roadmap to help you explore and experiment in ways that help you find freedom from what’s holding you back.

This new book is a journey to help you navigate above our world of expectation, complication and judgment into your place of Bravery and joy. Using lessons from ancient yoga philosophy, you’ll learn new tools to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, one short chapter at a time. Read more here.

Hi. I’m Elen Bahr.

I work as a body positive yoga teacher, yoga therapist, personal trainer and health coach. I’ve lived through happy times and real misery. Through it all, I learned and developed tools that helped me create the me that was hiding. I’ve been able to give myself the real, true life I wanted but thought was out of my reach.

It’s time for me to share my learning with you.

I’ll help you feel your best in your mind, your body, and your spirit. Our work together might fall cleanly into one of my job titles. Most likely, we’ll borrow a bit from one or more. What we for sure won’t do is talk about weight loss or diets – I’m a Health At Every Size® advocate. Don’t know what that is? Read the manifesto.

Not sure how to get started? All you have to do is show up exactly the way you are, and we’ll go from there. My work exists because I believe that with tools and support, we have the power to heal ourselves and create the life we’ve been looking for.

Work with me in these ways:

    • Yoga therapy for women and men living with anxiety, depression, stress, physical pain and a wide array of medical conditions (“What’s yoga therapy?)

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